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Give Your Business A Boost: Increase Your Sales NOW.

The fine details:

18 destinations.3 different designs First class hotels.


There is a $12 Redemption fee for each cettificate and only $29.95 for room taxes and fees.


That is ALL your customer will pay to redeem the certificate. No Timeshare or sales pitch EVER. Excellent customer service. Each Certificate is coded and YOU get to set the expiration date!

$36.50 SALE

Reg. $299.95

For all 3 certificate types

Unlimited Travel Certificates, Grocery Certificates and Restaurant Certificates

Get unlimited vacation certificates, grocery certificates and dining certificates.No timeshare and no pushy sales...excellent service... No monthly fees or costs. Instead of paying individual high cost certificate fees to offer certain clients these great incentives, now you pay a one-time fee and and receive unlimited access with no limitations or boundaries. You determine your level of success. Package includes all 3 Incentives for 1 low-low cost. You can simply log into your own account and print or email them to anyone for any reason. Again. No monthly cost or premium.

FOR A LIMITED TIME: It will cost you a one time fee to gain access to these. You will be given your own log in and you can use/create/print/email them at will. You cannot share your log in with others. We track the log in's so they cannot be "shared". This is a GREAT DEAL. Again, a one time purchase cost for access to all 3 premiums with NO MONTHLY FEE! The cost after this special pricing expires will be $299.95

Once payment has been successfully received, an email confirmation will be sent to your email inbox within 24 hours. This confirmation email will provide a link to our certificate creation portal. This link will allow you access to create and distribute unlimited certificates. You then will be empowered to add the missing link to your business, the ability to give something for nothing. Let's face it, that is what people are after. You can print or email certificates at your free will 24/7/365. Get started today!


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